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If anyone has ordered stuff through Amazon and have had to deal with a disgrace of a courier service on a constant basis, then you have my deepest sympathies. If you’ve not, let me explain how utterly crap they are by sharing my previous experiences.

April last year, I ordered a pair of vans shoes. Amazon Logistics were tasked to deliver the item to my workplace. They make the delivery the next day at a reasonable time, but not to the right place. Instead of my office, they managed to deliver it and other campus deliveries to one of the on-campus accommodation offices instead. Apparently the delivery driver just dumped a pile of parcels and walked off. I end up going in the next day to collect the parcel, but it’s disappeared, lost in my university’s internal mail system. Two calls to Amazon customer services and they send me a new pair out, nearly two weeks later. You could blame my university’s mail system for losing the parcel completely, but it was the pure laziness of a Logistics driver who caused the problems. Both me and the University complained about this.

October last year, I ordered two WD Red hard drives. Amazon Logistics were the courier of choice once again, ordered Wednesday, out for delivery on Thursday to my work place. They thought delivering at 6pm to an office was a smart idea (You would have thought a parcel labelled “University of the West of England” would have given it away), but they didn’t even attempt to ring the bell at the door or look inside to see that there were still people working. They attempt again on Friday but just plain failed to turn up. After another heated phone call to Amazon customer support, they offered me an extra month of Prime and then delivered to my home address, but they weren’t willing to deliver until Monday. So much for using the weekend to set everything up.

This week, my housemate Dave used my Amazon account to order a smoothie maker. Simple enough, dispatch Friday and be here today (Saturday). Amazon Logistics were once again selected to make some sort of attempt at a delivery. At the same time I had some cheap speakers and a HDMI cable also dispatched on the same day. At 12:32pm, DPD arrive with my speakers. At 8pm today, I still have nothing from Amazon Logistics. I ring them up and give them a piece of my mind once again, demanding they mark on my account in capitals “DO NOT USE AMAZON LOGISTICS”.

I’ve not even mentioned the several times Logistics have sent out next day deliveries, only for them to not bother the day they’re due for delivery and end up delivering two or three days later than asked. What am I paying Prime for Amazon if they can’t be bothered to give me next day delivery.

There’s also the countless times Amazon Logistics have been tasked in delivering stuff ordered by my workplace, and fail to deliver on time or deliver at all.

Amazon Logistics are hopeless. They’re an abomination, disorganised, unaccountable and useless. They make Yodel look good (Yodel make the deliveries on time, just always to the wrong address it seems). Amazon Logistics needs to be shaken up and reorganised, or just cease to exist. Use other couriers like DPD. They are fantastic, always appear when they say they will. Why can’t you do that Amazon. Explain?! Even Royal Mail is a better substitute.

If you want more bed-time reading of how poor Amazon Logistics are, here’s a whole forum thread of complaints on Amazon’s own forums.

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Since using mobile broadband from 3 is faster than using my home land line connection, since I’ve come home for the term break I have just used mobile broadband for general internet usage. It’s just a lot better and faster. Then again, I have AOL TalkTalk for an ISP. Enough said.

However, I didn’t check my mobile broadband dongle usage, nor did 3Connect give me a notification saying I was about to go over my limit. So without thinking, I unknowingly went over my limit yesterday. It was only until today, that when I connected, 3Connect finally gave me a warning saying I was over my limit. Feeling quite alarmed at the message, I went to check My3 to see what was what, and to my disgust, I’ve been charged £16.76 for exceeding my limit.

I’m charged 10p per MB when I go over my limit. Perfect for when you were using 3G on your 2003 mobile phone with a small screen and a physical keypad, but for today’s world. It’s just a plain rip off.

3 will not wave the charges, though for an extra £4/month I can upgrade to a 5GB limit, but they won’t waive the outstanding charges. Then they tried to offer me £25.99/month for a new 15GB contract, and would waive half of the £17 charges, which I kindly said no I’m not interested. I’m not that easily bribed into a new contract. Now I can’t wait for my contract to end in… 16 months.

So yeah, not happy. Not not happy. I’m looking forward to my £35 bill which is going to mess up my finances. Thank you Three UK and Minecraft, since the latter has been taking up my wasted time and caused me to neglect My3.


Update: Well first off, that figure of £16.76 is now £17.22. Money thieving bastards. Second, since I know I’m going to be using my mobile broadband dongle a lot more often in the Summer, it’s made sense to upgrade to the 5GB plan. Thankfully I don’t have to start a new contract, so in 15 months time I’ll be glad it’s gone. Third, this shake up of stuff may be useful in the long term. For an extra £4 a month I get 5GB extra data a month. This also means I can get rid off the 2GB internet bolt-on on my iPhone contract, saving me £5.11 a month. Net gain, £1.11 a month. It’s better than nothing.

Still got to pay that blasted overcharge. Still fuming about it. Should have left it be, racked it up to stupid amounts, and then protested massively, get in the news, cause a fuss and then get it waived off… oops. There goes my wild and unimaginative imagination.

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Quick background on the story, this weekend I went back home in Gloucestershire. Monday morning, I catch a train from Chippenham to Bristol Temple Meads. With me is a bag with belongings and a suitcase with clothes in it (my mum insisted I take washing home, so I did)

Now my ideal way of getting back to the flat was to catch a Ulink bus from Bristol Temple Meads, past Bower Ashton and then all the way back to Frenchay. Simple enough and cost me nothing (bus pass).

Here’s the reality which I should have foreseen. The first two buses never turned up. Either they just didn’t exist or they just passed the train station because it was so full. The two after that that did show up, were way way over packed. From looking in the bus it seemed to be over the (legal) maximum capacity. (I need to check what the law says on that, I dare trust Wikipedia). Legal or not, I wasn’t going to fit onto that bus with a small suitcase. Not a chance.

Knowing the next bus was going to be the same problem, either I pay £12 to get a taxi to Frenchay or get a train to Parkway and get a bus/walk to Frenchay. Train was cheaper (£3), bus from Parkway to Frenchay was a rip off (£1.90, bad bad First buses).

I should have realised that me getting a Ulink bus I can fit on or turning up at 9am on a Monday morning was as likely as me winning the euro millions. Either they need to have bigger buses, more frequent services or a new route to ease the congestion. At the moment, it’s unacceptable.

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You get days where one big thing just makes your whole day miserable and worthless. You also get days which are even worse, when everything doesn’t seem to be working, and it’s small little things which just ends up driving you bonkers. Today is one of those days, and I’m not liking it much.

At the moment, it’s not university work related, I’m on top of that. Infact after this blog post I’m off to the library since I need to get away from this flat ASAP.

Now let’s briefly go over the small (and possibly insignificant) things that are going wrong. First, netbook doesn’t like me first thing in the morning. Turn it off and on again, problem sorted. Four hours later, call from the Apple store on my MacBook. New battery done, but the underside needs replacing. Will take a few days for the part to arrive. Annoying but bearable situation. Then I read a frankly disturbing message stating that my parents are really concerned about me, that they don’t know who I am any more, that my facebook messages don’t match my personality and they think I’m not doing the work. Now that is not what you want to read midway through your day. Then a drink gets spilt on my bag.

More lectures, then I get ‘home’ I feel hungry. As usual, the kitchen is a state with pots and pans everywhere, dirty jugs and bowls with mash and cold water in the sink, and my utensils being used again! I’m also finding someone keeps taking my canned drinks. I then try and tidy up, and I smash two plates because everything just falls down from the drying rack. I clean up the mess, notice the recycling bins are overflowing, no-one’s doing anything about it, and they’re all playing guitar hero. What a surprise. At this point, I complain a little bit, no-one’s taking any notice, and I give up.

Just to add insult, my Dell desktop’s hard drive packs in. <sarcasm>Like I never saw that one coming</sarcasm>. This is the point where I’m walking out the door

Before anyone complains this sounds a little bit silly, emoish, that i’m making a mountain out of a molehill sort of thing – please try being in my shoes before you assume.

Now I’m going to the library just to simply get away from Flat 109 since all it’s doing is making me feel ill. I’m also hungry, but since I really cannot be arsed to clean up other people’s leftovers and they won’t do it (in fact they’re all going out surprise surprise) then I can’t be bothered to eat. I was looking forward to my ducks legs and rice as well.

Rant and cooling exercise over, now I’m doing work. Imagine that, I’m keeping up with my work.

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(Linked from Facebook)

I know I live in a student flat, I can expect a bit of mess, but I don’t fancy being in a pigsty. Bit of mess being a fair bit of post-it notes floating about on the table/floor, a few empty glasses floating about (it happens), and potentially a few other things, as well as one or two empty mugs + cutlery (it’s not exactly economical to wash up one mug).

However, some of the mess in the flat, especially the washing up bit is a bit.. pathetic. One excuse I’ve had (not naming names) was it’s a student flat, mess isn’t going to go away. I wasn’t impressed just now having to empty a cold sink with tomato sauce floating, and then unblock it because a paper towel is stuck while everyone else bar one was watching a film.

Now I do try to do my bit. If I’ve left something to be washed properly, it’s usually a mug or something small that isn’t that dirty such as a fork which had just been used for pot noodles or tea spoon. As long as it’s not covered in gunk and isn’t lying around, surely that can be coped with.

While I’m on the subject, am I the only one who seems to empty the bins and recycling?! I’ve not seen anyone else do it. I’ve also seen a bin bag hanging on a chair when the bin was full. Superb isn’t it.

And just to emphasize the point, look at my room. Tidy!

Rant over. In short, how’s about tidy up?!

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Since two weeks ago, I’ve started to use my T-Mobile 3G data stick again, which I use when I’m at my grandparents (no landline internet connection). Before then, it’s worked pretty much without any major problems. Very reliable, speeds were constantly fine, nothing to moan about.

Since I’ve started using it again, it has been very noticeably different. To start, the speeds i’m getting is appalling. This was two weeks ago.


It got better the next day, but not by much.

Two weeks later… a lot worse. Today it’s at the point where web pages will not load, time out, and I can do nothing online. No web, no IRC, no nothing. Can’t do a speedtest because that page won’t load. Can’t play Worms Armageddon online, a game that originated on dial-up connections, because I will just time out. It is that bad!

Now, I’ve phoned up T-Mobile customer support several times, with varying responses.

  • First time (two weeks ago), they say it’s a problem with the transmitter and it will be sorted within the week
  • Second time (two days ago), they effectively tell me to go away, and ask me to report in two hours
  • Third time (two days ago), they say they well call me back.
  • Fourth time (yesterday), they phone me up whilst I was shopping in Lidl. Ask them to phone me up in an hour. Never happened
  • Fifth time (yesterday), I phone them up since speeds had plummeted to 0.02MB/s and pages were taking on average 30 seconds per page to load! They check the transmitter and it is red flagged and engineers are looking at the problem. They specified no time scale on when the works are complete (so this could be two days, or two months).

I’m now thinking of either phoning them up again, or going to TESCO to buy a new 3G card with a different provider. May not be as flexible as the t-mobile plan, but if it’s a damn-sight more reliable, then I don’t care.


They finally told me the reason why I’m experiencing sluggish speeds and reliability problems. They’re decommissioning the local transmitter. A transmitter that works perfectly and they’re taking it down and instead i’m being served by a transmitter that’s being overloaded, looking at OfCom records is older and currently broken. WHAT?!

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Answer: Hard and annoying to do so.

Since I have no income now, anything unnecessary is being rid of. Including the LoveFilm subscription I don’t really need (DVD rental). To cancel you have to phone up, fair enough. However the person on the other end, apart from being foreign, couldn’t understand what I said and vice versa, and wanted me to sign up to a free trial of unlimited dvds (three at a time) worth £15.99 a month. I said no, he offered it again, I said no, offered it once again, told him I’m not interested in upgrading or accepting any special offers, I just want to cancel my account.

That’s kinda put me off resubscribing.

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