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You would have thought Apple would give you some way of sharing your iTunes library easily between Mac and Windows… or was that me being a bit optimistic there.

Anyway, quick search on the internet to see if people had ways of sharing iTunes libraries between operating systems. Answer wasn’t really much.

However, I’ve stumbled upon this nice little tool called Link Shell Extension (free) which has allowed me to symbolically link the iTunes folder on my Mac partition, onto my Windows partition.

Easy enough to do. Once you’ve installed LSE, right click the iTunes folder on your mac partition, and select ‘Pick Link Source’. Then in the Music folder on Windows, right click, select ‘Drop as’, then ‘Hardlink’. A voila.

Pretty much working near flawlessly so far for me, as you can see, my full library along with playlists. Seems to have synced my apple ID as well, but wouldn’t count on it working properly.

Only issue I’ve come across is iTunes can’t write to the database. Not sure why, since I’ve got Paragon HFS installed so I can write to the disk. Like I said, minor issue. I want to listen to my music on Windows, not really add stuff.

So, there you go. I’m now listening to my iTunes library on windows on my macbook on a megabus going to Leeds. It’s now a shame I didn’t charge my mac up fully last night, but I can live with that.

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Today I’ve finished installing a 20m networking cable in my flat. Why, I hear you ask?

Well, in short, my desktop is in the far corner of my room. Even though we have a wireless N router, and distance is less than 10 metres, the signal is pretty rubbish. Every now and then I will get a dropout and takes me about three minutes to reconnect.

I’ve been planning to install this cable for ages, but never got around to it for a number of reasons. Mainly because I was lazy. I bought the cable when I moved in back in August, and it’s now November.

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Before I go any further, this is not me complaining about my job in any way. I don’t mind the job(s) that I do, and this post is not me having a go at the company or my respective stores, I’m just opening putting out my opinion, which I have shared with some TESCO staff and friends. Let me be clear on that.

Now, first off I refer you to this site, Not immediately available on the homepage, but easy enough to stumble on. Now I’m going to quote this from their site.

We make it a top priority to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible: we want to stop our store waste going into landfill sites

As well as reducing packaging, it also helps the environment to reuse packaging where possible. A great example of where we are doing this is across our produce range, where we use returnable ‘green trays’. This saved 132,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging in 2007/08. We are now rolling out a similar system with clothing hangers too.

Now, from experience working at checkouts, people will come along with clothes from the clothing range. I will ask if they want to keep the clothes hangers and offer to remove them if the customer doesn’t want them. Most of the time, the answer is a no. Since I started doing evening shifts, at 10pm I’m sometimes helping out clearing the boxes with all the clothes hangers, tags, and security boxes. I saw one of my colleagues put the hangers into a carrier bag along with other rubbish, I sensibly asked why. To my absolute disgust, I was told that TESCO were no longer recycling clothes hangers. She also pointed out that the hanger recycling box had gone as well.

To put into perspective why I’m so disgusted, on average, you can fill around 3-5 bin bags worth of clothes hanger. Now multiply that for a week’s worth, 21-35 bags worth of clothes hangers, which are not being recycled! They are just being chucked into the compactor and put into landfill.

I’m now going back to what I quoted off the Greener Living website. I dare ask you TESCO Head office, why you are backing down on that statement (wouldn’t call it a promise). Now I don’t know if this is just an isolated case in my store at Kingsmeadow, or if this is more widespread. Perhaps I should check other stores to see if that is the case. Either way, it’s not really acceptable. I have voiced my opinion in an email to Head Office to see what they say, I will post back the response.

To add, any ‘Bag for Life’ bags which you ask to be replaced (which we will do), the bags are not recycled. They’re catalogued and then chucked with the rest of the generic rubbish. OK this is not as big quantity wise as hangers, but still disgusting, since there is normal carrier recycling!

Enough said, will wait for a response.

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Been having (alcohol-fueled) fun with Kinect for the XBOX 360. Pretty damn good. Yesterday me, Rob, James and Simon played Kinect Adventures, had some fun with that before getting exhausted and moving to CoD Black Ops. Tonight it was Kinect Sports, which at the moment seems to be the best kinect game out there. Pretty damn good, gets tiring quick. Rob’s competitive edge has come out as well, wants to beat the ‘Professional’ team on Kinect Sports football.

The only problem I’ve really had with Kinect so far is uploading content online. In some games, like Sports, you have to upload it at the moment, not all at once at a later point like Adventures. Not much you can do about that. Next problem, the site is useless at uploading photo’s and video’s to Facebook. I’ve only tried this in Chrome but the site keeps telling me to log out of Facebook and log back in and does nothing. Oh well, downloading it manually works and uploading it to youtube.

This is us playing Bowling in Kinect Sports. Please excuse the frankly, poor dancing on my part.

Kinect Sports: Bowling with mates.

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iPhone 4 with Satellites

If you are unaware of what’s been uncovered, see here for more information. Basically, since iOS 4.0, your iPhone has been recording where it has been, and storing it in an unencrypted file.

Now, my view on this? For me, I don’t mind where I go being tracked, since I could potentially find it useful at a later stage, though the fact that it was happening behind my back and with no way of turning it off concerns me. I’m also glad that this data isn’t being sent to any third party or Apple. Still doesn’t help that there’s no way of shutting this feature off, officially. There’s bound to be a jailbreak option to stop this happening appearing in the wild soon.

Using this app developed by the people who found out about the tracking, I’ve been able to see what my phone has been tracking. Looking at it, the points being made are fairly accurate, though there are a few anomalies like me being placed in Portsmouth, Swansea, East London and Worcester.

iPhone Tracking - OverallFrom looking at the data recorded, it starts when I buy my iPhone 4 from the 3Store in Gloucester. One thing I notice at the start is that for some reason it doesn’t track when I’m at home at all, until very recently. I also notice I get a lot of clusters at one specific point, even when I’m there for a short period of time, such as Bath. I’ve not been to Bath apart from passing on the train, but it seems to show the impression I was there for a lot of the time.

Now the app is designed not to reveal my exact location every second (see the app page), and I’ve not yet looked at the raw data to see what’s actually recorded yet. It’s something I will l0ok into though.

This won’t stop me using my iPhone, but it’s not a nice thought when you’re being tracked and you have no way of turning that feature off. At least phone carriers can’t release the data unless given a court order. All you need is someone to get hold of your iPhone or computer illegitimately and where you’ve been is available to a cybercriminal’s fingertips.

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Since using mobile broadband from 3 is faster than using my home land line connection, since I’ve come home for the term break I have just used mobile broadband for general internet usage. It’s just a lot better and faster. Then again, I have AOL TalkTalk for an ISP. Enough said.

However, I didn’t check my mobile broadband dongle usage, nor did 3Connect give me a notification saying I was about to go over my limit. So without thinking, I unknowingly went over my limit yesterday. It was only until today, that when I connected, 3Connect finally gave me a warning saying I was over my limit. Feeling quite alarmed at the message, I went to check My3 to see what was what, and to my disgust, I’ve been charged £16.76 for exceeding my limit.

I’m charged 10p per MB when I go over my limit. Perfect for when you were using 3G on your 2003 mobile phone with a small screen and a physical keypad, but for today’s world. It’s just a plain rip off.

3 will not wave the charges, though for an extra £4/month I can upgrade to a 5GB limit, but they won’t waive the outstanding charges. Then they tried to offer me £25.99/month for a new 15GB contract, and would waive half of the £17 charges, which I kindly said no I’m not interested. I’m not that easily bribed into a new contract. Now I can’t wait for my contract to end in… 16 months.

So yeah, not happy. Not not happy. I’m looking forward to my £35 bill which is going to mess up my finances. Thank you Three UK and Minecraft, since the latter has been taking up my wasted time and caused me to neglect My3.


Update: Well first off, that figure of £16.76 is now £17.22. Money thieving bastards. Second, since I know I’m going to be using my mobile broadband dongle a lot more often in the Summer, it’s made sense to upgrade to the 5GB plan. Thankfully I don’t have to start a new contract, so in 15 months time I’ll be glad it’s gone. Third, this shake up of stuff may be useful in the long term. For an extra £4 a month I get 5GB extra data a month. This also means I can get rid off the 2GB internet bolt-on on my iPhone contract, saving me £5.11 a month. Net gain, £1.11 a month. It’s better than nothing.

Still got to pay that blasted overcharge. Still fuming about it. Should have left it be, racked it up to stupid amounts, and then protested massively, get in the news, cause a fuss and then get it waived off… oops. There goes my wild and unimaginative imagination.

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Good news everyone!

I’ve decided to fix the bug I’ve had in twitterbar for a while once and for all, where if you retweeted something it wouldn’t show up. That’s now gone! I’ve rewritten bits of twitterbar so that it’s less of a mash up of code and more properly done.

I’ve also given twitterbar a new site and domain. If you’re using the old domain, your twitterbar will still work, I’m not planning to axe it any time soon.

As per the last blog post, I’m planning to have another look at using OAuth with twitterbar, so that when there are loads of users using twitterbar, the API count doesn’t get obliterated.


Twitter Signature

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