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Emotion is not normally one of the things I express (apart from grumpy and moaning going by my Facebook/Twitter feeds), but today was a day where emotion really hit me at my Grandfather at his funeral.

The few weeks after his death, I felt oddly normal. I’m not down in Gloucestershire as much these days with my family, and I hadn’t seen my Grandfather since my Grandmother’s birthday celebrations a few weeks ago, so his lack of presence didn’t really click. Today though at the chapel in Gloucester Crematorium, reality hit me, and hit me very hard. The thought that one of my grandparents was no more, I would never see him again, and that thought hurt me today.

My Grandfather was an electronic engineer, studied at Loughborough College, did his national service repairing aircraft and at one point in his career he was lecturing at Stroud Technical College. I can remember him always fixing things in the house. I can recall him when I was young of him fixing me and my brother’s VCR player as it decided to chew up the tape. I can also recall stories of him always fixing stuff, anything electronic he would mend, and make sure that everything worked and blended into the background. I wonder who I got that trait from.

My Grandfather was also a DIY fanatic, mechanic and also into photography. There are loads of photo albums back at my Grandmother’s house, and I’m pretty sure sitting on a tape in my parents living room is either me or my brother at the local Sports Centre when I was very young at one of our birthday parties, always behind the camera filming or taking photos.

The last 7 years haven’t been kind to him. He suffered a stroke in 2008, and was unable to walk after breaking his hip a year later. He nearly died in Berkeley Hospital after carers were severely neglegant (the hospital shut down a year later), his hip replacement surgery was botched, but while it was difficult he was still able to live on. It may have not been the best 7 years, and the ending may not have been fantastic, but even then in those times were good memories to remember, and I’m glad that his suffering has come to a peaceful end.

I always looked up to my Grandad being the more technical member of the family compared to anyone else. Grandad your guidance and help over the last 23 years has been invaluable. You were dearly loved and will be sorely missed by all.

RIP Grandad, James Wynne Williams. 29th December 1930 – 17th May 2015.



May 29, 2015 at 11:00 pm | Blog | No comment

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