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Once again my blog is neglected. Oh the humanity….

Nearly finished at UWE

2015-04-18 15.15.04It feels like I’ve been at UWE for years, and technically I have been there for nearly five years, but the end is near. Two weeks ago I handed in my Final Year Project (details on the project I will upload soon) and freedom has now commenced! (Sort of, still working at the Students’ Union). Celebrations started with a brewery tour of Wickwar. Free ale for two hours, I was pretty happy at the end of it.

I say nearly finished, I’ve got to demo my project later on in May, but that’s not too daunting. Just so long as nothing fails on the day. Sod’s law will probably be in full force.

I’ve been saying to myself and to other people that I’ve wanted to hurry up and finish my degree, that I want to stop learning full time and just do a job, make things happen and get paid to make things happen. Since starting working full time again, it’s a pleasant change. I don’t have to wake up and panic, have I done this on my project, do I need to learn this. I can get up, go to work, go home and relax. I can relax on weekends. It’s a huge relief.

… until I have to start dealing with Council Tax issues. Welcome to the real world, here’s an extra £140 per month tax bill. Jeez, thanks for that South Gloucestershire Council.

Long overdue website redesign done!

I finally bothered to redesign my website. This is one of those things that I’ve had on a post it note on my noticeboard for months and months, telling myself I’ll do it when I have a free moment. I finally had that moment last Sunday, where I just sat at my computer for a few hours and spat out a simple WordPress theme with some fancy CSS on the homepage. I think it works quite nicely for now, but I’m tweaking the design daily and fixing issues as I find them.

It certainly showcases my web skills better than a free WordPress blog theme does. Check out the 404 page as well for complete self-humiliation.

I’ve also had time to maintain my servers and do some freelance work as well. Crazy!

Other stuff

Over the last few weeks and months I’ve found myself working on a few student projects. I’ve helped media students down at Bower broadcast their live TV shows, including the Varsity Day results show, a music based show called Bristol Vibes and talk show E-Bristol TV. It’s been great to see some quality productions from these students and I’ve been proud to help them send their show out to the world (wide web). Also means I get to go to Bower Ashton a bit more often.

The Varsity Day broadcast set

The Varsity Day broadcast set

I also helped out with the annual Battle of the Bands competition with my mate Jack. This all came to an end last Friday with the final, where it was broadcasted on Hub and live in Escape Bar. So relieved that nothing major went wrong that night. I’ve also acquired a lot of AudioBoom followers all of a sudden, as all the interviews were uploaded on my account and got put onto the featured list. No pressure then.

Battle of the Bands 2015 – The Final by Hub Radio on Mixcloud

That’s pretty much it for now. Next on the agenda, find a new place to live.

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