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To sum up the first day in NUS conference, tiring, but interesting at the same time. There has been some really interesting, passionate debates on the conference floor which is good to see and hear.

In these blogs posts, I’m not going to go through every motion that passed fell or whatever, @nusconnect is there for that. I’m just posting my experience and how I’m finding conference.

11am ish, the whole UWESU delegation and part of UBU delegation arrived in Liverpool after a 3+hr bus journey. Immediately before we entered the ACC conference centre we were already hit with campaigning for candidates for the exec elections and motions. While queuing for registration, more campaigning for candidates. So many hash tags and hughletters (sorry,  newsletters). Stickers everywhere. Feels surreal, not like SU elections.

12pm, it all begins. Conference is opened. It all began with opening speeches and a very touching tribute to Diane, a member of NUS staff who passed away recently. A standing ovation followed after the tribute, a huge amount of respect here for NUS staff and good to see staff and students in unity.

Then the fun begins. Just to shake things up, the conference starts with a bit of legal stuff under company law, so that the NUS can spend money on political expenditure. This all passed, and straight away we started with the priority zone starting with working on ‘a new deal for the next generation’. Following all the amendments and points, this all passed. A voila, a priority campaign for NUS. Exciting.

2.30, conference breaks for fringe sessions. With nothing for me to specifically go to, me Lisa and Jamie ended up grabbing a  bite to eat at a nearby restaurant at the local shopping area, oddly enough it was at Revolution. Hey, we used our society cards, discounts and bringing money back into societies (probably not, it’s not revs Bristol). A well needed meal. Had to rush finishing though as by the time we got our food, conference floor was about to reopen. We weren’t the only ones though, so thankfully we didn’t look like oddballs.

3.45, back into conference and back into the Education Zone motions. Motion 101… That was a long motion. Then a count needed to be done on ammendment G. This took a while. At least twitter came into play to keep us entertained. Motions, points of orders, procedural motions, rinse, repeat, challenging the call of the chair, more procedural  motions, you thought the SU AGM was bad, at least in NUS conference it’s sorted and dealt properly and isn’t a heckling shouting faffaround.

9.30 ish, all over for the day. Education zone finishes for the day, statements are made including one by Tom regarding the Lord mayor of Bristol and the controversy overlooking that. With everyone hungry, we all walked into Liverpool City centre, complete with bags and suitcases to find somewhere to eat. At this time, a lot of restaurants had stopped serving food, but thankfully Pizza Hut remained open for us. Awesome!

Later on, we arrived at our designated hotel, the Britannia Adelphi Hotel. Time is now nearly 11pm! The hotel could be worse, what were you expecting with a three star hotel? Not great, small bathroom, decoration stating to get a bit run down and a dated ventilation system. Room is clean though! Quick rest required, before being dragged out (not strictly true, I had a choice) to one of the election candidates Mattey’s party at a club called Modo. It’s a nice medium sized club with fancy wall lights, quite like it. No sticky floor syndrome (unlike some venues *ahem* red *cough*). Plenty of other candidates there as well such as Bristol’s candidate Tom Flynn. Didn’t stay out too long, after a long day like this, bed was a very serious option. Though getting back to the hotel took a while. A shortcut ended up being the scenic route.

And that was it. Day 1 over. I’m just thankful that day 2 isn’t a 5am wake up.

April 9, 2014 at 1:44 pm | Blog | No comment

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