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I’m not sure if this is a very bad sin or not, but I still use Yahoo! Mail. I can hear people cringing at me. I’ve been a fairly loyal user of Yahoo! Mail since 2003 when I started secondary school (put it this way lose_er222@hotmail.co.uk was never going to last), and I continue to use it to this day… until now.

Up until the last year, I have rarely had a problem. The web client was absolutely fine, receiving emails wasn’t a problem, life was good. OK receiving emails via IMAP and using Outlook was temperamental, but not the end of the world.

Then came the new Webmail interface they launched about a year ago. It’s gone downhill so bad, on things which seem trivial. Although they fixed a few months back, for at least six months, if I wanted to drag and drop emails into folders I had this annoying bug where my inbox would scroll down and text would highlight. Never had this issue with the old Web UI.

Another issue is sending emails (yes, people send emails. Shock horror!). If you respond or forward emails, the send window appears only in the preview window, not the full page. Not the worst issue, but now try reading back through previous emails. You start scrolling and scrolling. Reading old emails in a conversation is a pain, you have to open them, then scroll, then you get lost and try and get back to the email you’re writing. Now try sending the email, oh wait you’ve scrolled the send button away, so you have to scroll down again, but make sure you don’t scroll the old conversation list which is in a scrolling div, you need to scroll down on the respond email window div. Argh!

IMAP I’ve also found to be a tad annoying. Previously, using IMAP and Outlook to read Yahoo! emails was temperamental, sometimes it wouldn’t work because of the slightly odd way that Yahoo authenticates (ever heard of standards?). Doesn’t seem to be an issue these days, but retrieving emails via IMAP is well, slow. Email doesn’t sync quickly, and then sometimes I get mismatches everywhere.

End story (tl;dr if you wish), after 10+ years with Yahoo Mail, it’s time to move on. I have my matt@ address which I don’t really use, so now is a perfect time to get that sorted and start using that.

Though I’ll keep the Yahoo account for newsletters. Reading emails seems to be no problem. Who writes emails anyway?

April 1, 2014 at 3:51 am | Blog | No comment

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