February 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm | Blog, Rant | 1 comment

yukari_mad_driver_8213Seriously, I feel endangered not being in a metallic shell that could potentially blow up or be crashed into. I swear the roads these days are getting more and more dangerous, filled with idiots and ignorant fools who can’t drive and flout nearly every single rule in the book. Let me go into detail on a few experiences I’ve had of late.

This week, walking to work from the Bus station in Bracknell. First off, I get to a zebra crossing. Traffic on the left stop but the guy on the right doesn’t see me, couldn’t give two shits and carries on driving. For you non-UK folk, zebra crossings give pedestrians like myself permanent right of way, i.e. you must stop and let me cross. This guy couldn’t care. I think sometimes maybe I should start crossing and let the fool have to do an emergency brake just to make a point, but then again that could backfire and I could end up with a broken leg or worse.

Same day, again walking to work, stop at a set of traffic lights to cross. Surely you wouldn’t dare run a red light. Two drivers go right through a red light while I’m waiting to cross. Days like this I want to carry a car horn.

Last week, I went to Reading to look for a new chair for home. Immediately out of coming out the train station I see a taxi driver (taxi drivers being the most ignorant for road laws) just drive through a red light designed to allow traffic to flow from the right. At least two drivers swerving in and out speeding on a dual carriageway, horns everywhere. I go to cross the road somewhere safe, some fool speeds around the corner and I start running out the way. That was all within 10 minutes. I swear Reading is the worst for driving nuts.

Finally, the last thing that’s really winding me up with drivers is the lack of signalling on roundabouts. On my walk to work I have to cross a roundabout. Now I wait happily ready to cross, watching to see if any traffic comes my way. What makes my crossing so difficult is no-one bloody signals. You think they’re just going to continue on to the dual carriageway? No, they’re just going to come my direction and not tell me. Indicators work not just for other drivers, they work so that pedestrians know where you’re going as well!!!!!


February 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm | Blog, Rant | 1 comment