January 22, 2013 at 10:29 pm | Blog | 3 comments

Six months ago I decided to jump ship, as it were and switch from my trusty iPhone 4 to a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3.


The phone itself, I have absolutely no problem with. I still find it a bit big at 5 inches at times, but the screen is really vibrant, watching 720p videos and movies on it is really fabulous (watched part of an anime series with subtitles using VLC, just fantastic). It’s survived the same, if not more, battering my old iPhone had, without the case. Though it’s quite obvious it’s not the same as the metallic iPhone, with a few cracks on the outside lining. Nothing disastrous or threatening, just noticeable.

Android, it’s taken a bit of getting used to but I’m used to how it works now. However I’m not fond of the modifed Samsung apps like the modified phone, text, etc. I’m also not fond of the Samsung bloatware ‘video hub’, ‘music hub’, ‘game hub’ things.. I just ignore them. I also have a few nags. To this day, I’m still used to hitting the home button to turn the screen back on. iPhone, just turns the screen on. Android, screen on and goes back to the home screen.

I suppose one thing I need to bear in mind, is ultimately I want a phone that can.. work as a phone. Something that can answer calls, text messages, so on. I find sometimes answering calls from the lock screen, or reading text messages from the home screen is a bit slow compared to my last phone. I also find reading texts or emails quickly can be also slow. Annoying, but I sort of put that down to Samsung’s modified lock screen. I need to rid it really.

Another thing which the iPhone did really well, but Android quite frankly sucks on, is syncing music between computer and phone. It’s horrible. I’ve had to try three different methods to try and sync music that’s not involved me constantly copying and pasting music, Samsung’s Kies software, WinAMP, and doubleTwist. The latter, costing me a fiver, has had the most success so far but only marginally. It’s sync’d half of my music, and the other half sync’d without the song titles and artists. It’s a shame really.

So all in all, not too bad an experience. However it’s not something I am deeply in love with, and if by the time I get my next phone there’s something better (Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBe.. I kid, not going to BlackBerry), I’m switching.

Here’s to the next 18 more months of Android. At least.

January 22, 2013 at 10:29 pm | Blog | 3 comments