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We’ll skip over the initial bit about how I despise a lot of the commercialised crap of Christmas and how it all starts immediately after Halloween (or before it) and go to straight to Saturday 22nd. Cheap £13 train from Bracknell to Kemble and I’m home (did I mention it was a first class ticket?).

Pretty much immediately the moment I got through my parents front door I was back out of it. Went down to Swindon for the evening to visit an Chantell, an old friend from University which I’ve not seen for a while just to have a catchup. The next morning was spending time with my grandparents, who regrettably I don’t see much off these days.

Sunday, once again out the door the moment I get home, and I’m out the door and in the Lord John at Stroud with 9 friends who I’ve not seen since… probably two years! It was really great to see them again, have a laugh.

Friends at Lord John

Christmas Day comes along, could be worse I suppose. The plan was to have both sets of Grandparents come along to the family house and have Christmas dinner. Unfortunately the Grandparents from Gloucester weren’t willing to come for various reasons. So for the morning, went down there to wish them a Merry Christmas, and the afternoon and evening with family and the other Grandparents. All in all, not too bad a day. Presents… gloves, gillet, shirt and a shaving foam kit. Makes me wonder how my other friends still get expensive gifts at Christmas still!

The next couple of days, were pretty much taking it slow. I took the time to finally write the radio stats app RadioPlayer for Hub, which I have been meaning to do for months (I’ll make a post on that soon), I caught up on some TV shows I’ve missed or not had chance to watch, and finally unexpectedly had a nice walk and drink in pub(s) with the Parents.

Saturday night was once again a trip to Stroud to see friends again. It involved a lot more alcohol than I intended (thank you Dan, James and Simon for that, no thanks to Rob for not showing his face). At least I can take a tequila slammer, unlike James and Simon, who cannot. 😀

This leads me onto today, New Years Eve. It’s going to involve me going to Coates with friends for the night, most likely card games, films, just hanging out and celebrating the new year because you pretty much can. This sounds great, but in my head I know that after New Years, I’m back in Bracknell, back doing my 10-6 job, with not many people to talk to. It’s kinda made me feel a bit low, and thinking that I’m probably not going to be much socially for the next four months, but it could be worse I suppose.

Just means I’ll have to keep going to Bristol again.

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