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Blog has been a bit on the quiet side of late, I personally blame me being tied up with work during the week, and then with friends during the weekend. But enough about that. I have a few new toys to play with. 🙂


First off, my new little mini home server. It’s a HP ProLiant N40L microserver, running a small AMD Turion II N40L @1.5Ghz Dual Core, 8GB of RAM (boosted from the 2GB stock), and a stock 250GB HDD.

This took me a while to get an operating system on it. I had no spare SATA DVD drive, and installing linux off a USB stick wasn’t going well. Eventually I had to resort to nicking my bluray drive from my desktop to get Arch onto the thing. Once that was over, setting up was a piece of cake. The server runs quite nicely, really fast for a small little thing. Only nag I have is the stock extractor fan is a bit on the loud side so either I need to move the box from the living room to under the stairs, or I need to replace the fan with something a tad quieter.

If anyone wants one, they’re available for £219 on eBuyer with £100 cashback. £119, you can’t resist that price.


Now I’ve always been skeptical on getting a tablet. I’ve always found using a laptop or a computer so much more superior, being able to watch HD videos, use a physical keyboard, run all my programs and programming tools, etc etc etc. But seeing all my friends have tablets, and both my parents now owning tablets and using them much more than their desktop computer, I gave in.

I got a proper tablet as well. Not one of those cheap resistive touchscreen tablets which are flimsy and slow. And not one of those 7 inch tablets either. The price tag for 7 inch tablets are attractive, but I have a 5 inch phone, so having a 7 inch tablet to accompany me doesn’t feel right. 10 inch is more like it.

In the end, I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and I love it! The tablet performs really really well, screen is nice and clear, one feature I have never seen in a tablet is being able to watch videos in windowed mode and do other stuff on the tablet, and the S Pen is just fantastic. Writing notes is a real joy on the thing, and the S Pen is a nice stylus to use. If you’re looking for a tablet with a stylus or something to take notes on, I really do recommend the Tab 10.1.

Some friends think I won’t be using this tablet for more than a few weeks… we’ll see about that.

December 2, 2012 at 4:31 pm | Blog | No comment

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