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So, I’m home for the Christmas week and new year, seeing old and older friends, but to get from A to B a car is quite essential. No worries, I’m insured on my brothers car. (How does he own a car way before I do….)

The car in question is a Citroen C1 vibe, 08 reg, bright red (which was to be expected by Alex), it’s a cheap little city car with cheap tax, cheap insurance, cheap cheap cheap.

But I’m not a fan of it personally…

First off is the gearbox and clutch. This is probably more down to the fact I’m not used to the gearbox but however it’s still enough to annoy me. For first gear and moving off, you really have to rev the engine otherwise you will do what I did last night, stall at the entrance to a mini-roundabout. OK, just restart the engine and move on surely? I’ll come back to that incident. Reverse gear I really dislike as well. It takes me about 5 attempts to get into reverse. To get into reverse you move the selector to bottom right underneath fifth gear, but if you edge the selector slightly upwards, you will lock out reverse and you can’t select it. So then you have to go to neutral, select again, repeat until you finally get into reverse or then stall the car.

So back to me stalling on the roundabout. So I try and go off in first gear, didn’t rev the engine enough and I stalled. No problem, just restart the engine. No. For some reason I couldn’t just restart the engine on the fly, it just would not start. Two or three attempts later, I look like a right embarrassment. I end up having to turn off completely for five seconds, try again, eventually got the car going again only to stall it a second time. Rage was slowly building up in my body at this point. Two attempts to start the car again, I got moving, shouted curse words left right and centre, and got to my destination.

The stereo. Well, to be fair I wasn’t expecting wonders in such a cheap car so it sounded a bit crummy. But oh well. Reversing, I didn’t feel as comfortable being able to see what was around me when reversing into the driveway. The rear window is a bit small, and doesn’t help when the rear windscreen wipers are crap as well. Pretty much only wipes the left half of the window. The car also felt a little empty, felt more like an empty shell than a car, but then again I have to remember it’s a cheap little thing.

Actually driving the car, excluding first gear, wasn’t too bad. The car gets up to speed quite quickly, which is impressive for a tiddly 1.0l engine. Car felt very agile and once on the road no real problems driving it. No tachometer though! 🙁 (If you don’t know what a tachometer is… it’s a rev counter).

Overall, the car isn’t too bad, but if it was my car, I’d look for something else.

December 23, 2012 at 10:48 am | Blog | 1 comment