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So the thought comes to my head, I’ve been doing a lot of travelling of late. Then the question “How many miles have I travelled in the last few weeks?”

So, out of pure boredom and trying to knock off the thought of me suffering from a slow cold, here are the maths (including travelling being done at the end of this week)

2x Bracknell to Bristol – 176miles
1x Bristol to Cirencester (via Cheltenham) – 80mi
1x Cirencester to Bracknell – 65mi
1x Bristol to Belfast Return – 512mi
1x Bracknell to London Southend Return – 70mi
1x London Southend to Belfast Return – 660mi
Total estimate: 1563miles

These are no way accurate, they are based on esitmations from google maps, distance calculator, etc. So I’ve done the equivalent of half a trip to New York in the last few weeks alone. This doesn’t include the daily 3 miles I do to go from work and back when I was in Bristol, and that I currently do while in Bracknell.

Random, but still interesting to know. For me anyway.


September 25, 2012 at 9:15 pm | Blog | No comment

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