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Now I wouldn’t call myself unfit, but at the same time I wouldn’t say I’m at the peak of fitness either. I’m not overweight, I eat healthily. Before moving to Bracknell, I’d occasionally play badminton, I would go out for walks, and that was about it. At the moment, I’m walking at least 3 miles a day travelling from work and back and that’s about it. So when I’m invited to play some football on Thursday lunchtime I thought why not.

Then my lack of endurance based fitness shows. I’m now also hearing cries of man up in the background.

So I play an hour or so of football 6-a-side. Constantly moving around, kicking a ball, running around, I’m sure you know how football works. So after that I finish off, go back go work, feel knackered but nothing wrong. The next day, oh the pain. Feet were painful to walk on, legs were painful to move, arms felt like they were going to drop off, I swear I was 80 years old on Friday. (At this point the cries of man up are deafening).

Saturday, not perfect but good enough to go for a walk into town and back, and pick up a new shirt, enduring the pain (yes I get it man up).

So in conclusion, I need to play football a little bit more often.

September 16, 2012 at 4:24 pm | Blog | No comment

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