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I have a blog still, and I haven’t posted in it for a while. So, here’s a big post summing up I’d say the major things that have happened to me over the last few months.

What’s the first big change? New job. I’m currently on a years industrial placement working as an intern engineer at Broadcom. My office deals with part of the LTE stack, which is then implemented on mobile chips. Now when I started this placement 4 weeks ago I had no idea what was in the LTE stack, or anything to do with what my office does. Four weeks later, I know bits and bobs now but not a huge amount. Everyone in the office is friendly and have been helpful, and they understand I’m not going to learn this stuff overnight. In fact they’ve said this sort of thing takes years to learn. Not sure whether to be relieved or scared.

I’ve also had to relocate. I’m now living in the working town of Bracknell. I know, it doesn’t exactly sound magical or exciting, but it’s somewhere to live. I’m renting out a room in a house with two other random guys. One does two part time jobs at an IT firm and a supermarket, the other is a gym instructor and a ranked badminton player. Been living with them for over a month now, and I’ve settled in fine. All happy.

I’ve also been warned, no-one goes out in Bracknell. Seems if I want to go partying, it’s going to have to be in Bristol or elsewhere. Not a bad thing, means I’m with my uni mates. Transport back home is cheap depending when you book it. Going from my home town train station to Bracknell was £6.50 for some reason. Yet Bristol to Bracknell is £25. I don’t know….

University course is back on track. Had a bit of a wobbly in April when I buckled under the pressures of doing too much, but I’ve now recovered. Resit exams went well, I’ve passed the modules I needed to pass with the exception of the VHDL module. VHDL was not a module that I got on well with, and following advice from parents, friends and course leaders I’ve dropped the module. Thankfully it was an optional module so I can replace it with something completely different at a later point. Just need to pay the tuition fees even though I’m on an industrial placement.

Last thing that’s happened, I have a boyfriend now (Just to clarify, I’m bisexual, not full out gay). I’m not going to go into too much detail but to find someone like me (not exactly me), who I get along with really well, and so on, is just mind boggling. Not afraid to say it, I love him. I’m also not going to make too much fuss about it. I would make the exact same amount off fuss if it was a girlfriend, which about 9 months ago if I made an effort I could have had. Glad I didn’t now, I have someone 10x better. :3

Life goes on…

September 4, 2012 at 11:51 pm | Blog | No comment

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