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Heh, it’s been a while since I’ve used my blog, and for once this isn’t an angered filled rant. Just summing up what I did over Christmas this year. Not the most interesting thing ever to happen, but still different than the normal.

This Christmas has been different first off because my Grandma from my dad’s side was in hospital recovering from an operation she has had. I should stress she is fine, and recovering well, and the rest of my family went to visit her in Swindon Great Western Hospital later that day.

Me on the other hand went to see my other Grandparents in Gloucester, so they were not alone this Christmas. They are doing well, my Granddad was happy with the new ‘snuggie’ blanket he received for Christmas and the food was good. We had a four bird roast for Christmas lunch, which tasted pretty good. Shame about the Christmas pudding which would have been nicer if the pudding tasted more fruity.

Went home later that evening to the rest of my family, as well as my other Granddad who was staying over for Christmas, for yet another Christmas meal. I felt so fat afterwards.

Not much else to report, apart from plenty of clothes for Christmas, and probably the most useful thing I have ever had out of a cracker, a 1m miniature tape measure which hooks onto your key ring. No idea where we got those crackers from, but I was impressed!

Day over, was back to normality the next day and back to work.

December 27, 2011 at 1:13 pm | Blog | No comment

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