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Probably not a good day for me to be driving. Here’s what’s got me pretty hot headed today.

5664484733_c06f02292dTo start, I went to Emerson’s Green retail park to get some stuff from Lidl and Argos. Now I had legitimately parked my car in the bay, pretty much perfectly in the centre. When I was packing my stuff into the car, the woman who had parked next to me passed me and had a go at me, quote “could you have parked any closer to me. I struggled to get out”. For the record, I was parked fine. She had parked over the bay line, and according to the guy in the truck in front of me in the layby, she made a lousy attempt to get out of the bay. There was plenty of space to just fully reverse out, and then turn away. She’s even scratched the car as well, which I’m not exactly happy about, nor will my parents be since it’s a relatively new car.

Next thing to annoy me, after stopping by at my university for some revision and stuff, was some idiot in a yellow sports car honking his horn at me for no reason. On my way back home, I’m on the M32 and about to get onto the M4 East, in the middle lane. He was on the outside lane, wanting to go to M4 West. Now he had ample time to get in the right bloody lane, no need to wave your hands and make some noise about it just because you want to be a f****** speed demon.

Speaking of morons who stupidly speed, plenty of those about. Also twits parking in idiotic places, such as on the exit of the roundabout in Tetbury town centre.  Really smart.

April 28, 2011 at 5:07 pm | Rant | No comment

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