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Let me fill you in on how busy it was… I guarantee you it wasn’t busy.

Now before last night, I had no idea when the store was closing. I would have thought 9pm or something along those lines. Nope. It was open 24 hours on Good Friday. Limited hours Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, as well as 24 hours on the Royal Wedding day.

Hardly anyone who I talked to on checkouts on Friday afternoon were expecting TESCO to be open all of Friday, and the store was effectively deserted by around 7pm. Instead of me serving customers at checkouts it was more me going along helping to tidy up the store, as well as covering self-service for half an hour. During that half hour, only three customers came through, with one or two on the main checkouts. The only excitement of that night was a customer injuring themselves and having to get a first aider to sort that out.

Now I have another late night tonight, should be (hopefully) busier than last night since it’s a normal Saturday. I’ve heard this before.

I shouldn’t complain either, being paid 1.5x rate for bank holiday, plus a little extra for working late hours (>2200). Oh well.

April 23, 2011 at 4:45 pm | Blog | No comment

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