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I’ve neglected this blog a little bit again. I seem to only go on my blog when I have a project update or something to rant about. Well here’s something to blog about! (Well, two things).

First off, an explanation of Friday night/saturday early morning. Incase you don’t know on Fridays, I don’t tend to party out loud. I have work early on Saturday morning and Saturday’s tend to be busy for me so I usually sleep early on Friday. Saturday morning 2:30am flatmates along with random women who can’t speak much English come back and continue to party with loud music.

Now I start moaning, and threaten to call security to get them to turn off the loud music. Seriously, it was loud and I’m sure there are other people trying to sleep in flats above and below mine. In the end, I didn’t call security however someone else did just before I went to work. Now suddenly I’m blamed for them turning up.

There we go, something to blog about. Now here are some other blogs by friends. I’ve mainly met them from The Tea Party (a radio show on Sunday mornings on Hub Radio Bristol)
Tiffany Francis –


March 13, 2011 at 1:30 pm | Blog | No comment

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