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Finally, after months and months of frustration, tearing my hair out and constant trips to the Apple store, I now have a brand spanking new MacBook. For free, obviously. 😀

To fill you in, last December I got a MacBook to do some A-Level coursework on. During the last 12 months, it has had to go into repair SIX times. In order, crack on the keyboard, crack on the hinges, optical drive not writing DVD+DL (Dual Layer DVD’s), battery gone flat to the point where it would just suddenly drain, sound problems, and the CTRL key jamming which meant I had to use a Dell USB keyboard instead of the built in one.

Now, that’s all over. I now have a latest model MacBook, with AppleCare until November 2013. Not much different to my old MacBook, only things that are better is slightly faster processor, more cache and longer battery life. (Not that 7 hours was short).

Now I’m hoping that this one will be reliable. I’ve cursed myself haven’t I.

December 8, 2010 at 8:42 am | Blog | No comment

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